Friday, August 30, 2013

LEGO 8539 Bionicle Manas

LEGO 8539 Bionicle Manas

LEGO 8539 Bionicle Manas

According to the Legends of the Bionicle, Manas are the most powerful guardians of Makuta. They resemble huge crabs, and their sheer strength and vicious tempers are legendary. Just where on Mata Nui they can be found remains a mystery, but it is believed they protect the lair of Makuta. These robotic crustaceans box their opponents with speedy jabs, but we found them a bit of a challenge to put together. We could not get them to move forward or backward, only to spin, and one of our Manas could only jab with one arm. The instructions, as with all LEGO toys, are illustrated, and, for once, we wouldn't have minded more explanation or a troubleshooting guide. Requires 12 AA batteries, not included. --M. Sullivan

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Kids can build their own BIONICLE Manas, giant robotic crabs, and make them interact with 2 multichannel handsets. Which Mana will win? Requires two 9V and six 1.5V batteries (not included). Included instructions for building 3 different models. Includes 442 pieces. Ages 8 and up. Made in USA.

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #556297 in Toys & Games
  • Model: 17517


  • Set includes two remote-control Manas and two multi-channel handsets
  • It is the only Electronic Bionicle set released, and also the only remote-controlled one
  • Contains 457 pieces in total

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